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With many years of solid experience of implementing successful CRM, Extranet, Intranet and Portal projects, the iport4business team have demonstrable experience of a wide range of industry sectors. You can also read what our clients say about us and about Hosted CRM solutions in their own words here.

Type of Project  
Retail Health Service
Oil and Gas Sector Local Government
Aerospace Charity and Voluntary Sector
Facilities Management Political Party
Logistics Planning Regulations
Food Sector Plastics Manufacture

Industry Sector : Retail


Locations covered : UK

Problem : Client needed a secure extranet for stores where they could access information, download product information, capture inventory requirements and develop training and HR policies. The inventory requirements were a particular problem as the existing manual forms were cumbersome to complete which tied up sales personnel and shop managers during prime selling time.

Solution: Development of an iport portal which offers a secure area of their website to individual stores where they can view communications, download key information, input inventory requirements in advance, lookup product information and engage in training programs. Inventory requirements captured via the portal are linked to the client’s RS6000 and AS400 legacy systems to facilitate Purchase Requirements Planning and replenishment systems. The addition of a Customer Service CRM portal allowed stores to log problems with centralized help desk staff and track them to resolution.

ROI : More flexibility for shop managers; reduced administration for sales reps freeing their time to sell more; less calls to internal help desk for documentation; faster communication; standardized training procedures throughout.


Industry Sector : Oil and Gas supply chain for raw materials (metals)

Locations covered: USA, UK, Singapore, Norway

Problem : Lots of offcuts and odd pieces of inventory building up in the warehouses around the world. The ERP system the client had stored all of the information but was difficult to extract the right kind of key data about these items. As a result, they were overstocking virgin bar stock to cover likely client demand whilst carrying an ever increasing level of “dead” inventory.

Solution: Integrated iport portal that extracts key data from the ERP system, reconstituted it into useable information and delivered it directly to the relevant sales account managers so that they could actively promote these items for sale to their customer base.

ROI : Reduction in overall inventory holding by 4% (on a total valuation of $16m); faster sales cycle as information was available online immediately to sales team.


Industry Sector : Oil Exploration

Locations covered: USA, Turkey, India, Russia

Problem : Client is a multi-billion $ oil company about to embark on a specialized Joint Venture with new partners. Existing corporate IT structure was too expensive to deploy and did not fit the new project.

Solution: Deployment of an iportinstant project collaboration portal (part of the standard iportinstant CRM suite) so that the project team can store centrally documents, project data and contact information.

ROI : instant deployment; no need to involve corporate IT staff; no hardware or software to buy; solution needed only for project life cycle; very low cost per user ($10 per user per month); highly customizable to suit their needs.


Industry Sector : Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Locations covered: Global

Problem : Global sales team which needed to share data and information about clients and also sales management issues for pipeline management.

Solution: Deployment of iport CRM portal solution with minimum customization allowed the client to be operational almost immediately.

ROI : Complete visibility of all interactions with clients at all sales levels; better visibility and management of sales pipeline; improved communication between sales team.


Industry Sector : Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Locations covered: USA

Problem : Client had a very comprehensive ERP system which handled all order processing functions. The issue was that the sales quotations needed to be different from the ERP system in that they required more information than a mere product code and many products were engineered/made to order for the customer during the quotation process. Quotes were being produced in MS Excel and then, if successful, re-input into the ERP system.

Solution: An iport portal deployed as an intranet so that users could build quotations using data from the ERP system but format it in the manner they needed to for client bids. Quotation tracking and workflow processes also added so that sales forecasts could be made more accurate and failed bids analysed in more detail. The successful bids were automatically updated into the ERP system.

ROI : Extension of the ERP functionality; faster quotation cycle times; reduction in time wasted on lost bids; removal of duplication of input and data fragmentation.


Industry Sector : Energy

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client had 5 divisions running different legacy systems. During a global reorganization, the 5 divisions were merged in a new management structure and management had to have a consolidated customer home page showing details of projects and transactions from each of the underlying legacy systems.

Solution: Development and deployment of an iport portal which interrogated the different legacy systems and displayed information relating to each customer irrespective of the data source.

ROI : Better decision making by senior management: total 360 degree view of customer interactions; huge saving in bespoke It development project; freeing up of IT staff time by using a tried and tested portal solution rather than build in-house.



Industry Sector : Aerospace

Locations covered: UK, USA, China, New Zealand

Problem : Client wanted to help their customer’s manage their production by supplying them with critical (and sensitive) information that allowed them to gear up based on delivery schedules and chemical analysis data.

Solution: Development and deployment of an iport based solution involving secure customer access plus rapid application development in partnership with the New Zealand based development team to deploy a unique customer interaction giving end to end visibility of production information.

ROI : Client now has 100% of the market share in this highly specialized area for Rolls Royce Manufacturing and a very significant share in several other key customers and sectors; the portal is a unique selling proposition and wins them more business.



Industry Sector : Facilities Management

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client had several sources of contact information, most of his staff used MS Outlook or PDAs. There was no centralized contact point.

Solution: Deployment of an iportinstant site in 1 day to facilitate centralized contact management. Once deployed the client expanded it to introduce a sales management policy (previously they had none) using the standard iportinstant template.

ROI : Better communications as everyone in the organization now knows where to access the contact info and also the creation of a more structured sales process without having to buy hardware or software.


Industry Sector : Facilities Management

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client was a start-up business looking to handle all repair and maintenance for nationwide pharmacy chain.

Solution: Development and deployment of an iport service portal whereby the pharmacy chain operational management could check issues and resolutions to their store problems. This information was critical in that the pharmacy chain’s IT staff could not provide this key information from their own systems. This built a unique proposition for the client and differentiated him from the more well-established competitors.

ROI : Client won the national contract and has held it since.



Industry Sector : Logistics

Locations covered: USA, Iraq

Problem : Information on shipments and projects had to be shared amongst up to 30 partners. This was being managed by emailing everyone a large spreadsheet weekly and then following up with a conference call.

Solution: Deployment of an iportinstant portal where the spreadsheet was uploaded to the central server, partners logged in and viewed a master copy (which they could download but not edit and over-write) and record comments and notes against it for action by the client.

ROI : Big savings in bandwidth and telephone conversations (often at unsociable hours) and complete audit trail of interactions; better version control of master spreadsheet as only administrator can update it.




Industry Sector : Food packaging

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client had a dispersed sales team that he needed to manage and also that needed to manage themselves better. They had evaluated ACT and other “CRM” solutions but found them either too complicated or too expensive.

Solution: iportinstant sales management portal deployed immediately and customized to suit the client’s business process within one day.

ROI : Instant sales management and visibility of projected business; better and more effective management; better record keeping by and for sales people of their interactions with customers.


Industry Sector : Food Broker

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client had a unique business idea to link large retail outlets with small, local bakeries in an online system where the outlet would place an order on them for a bulk quantity of bread to be delivered to their local stores. The client would then place orders on the local bakeries who would make and deliver the bread. The client would then bill the retailer and then pay the bakeries taking a commission on both transactions.

Solution: The development of an iport portal where the retailer placed an order in bulk, split it between its outlets, the client then routed these through to local bakeries who used an online interface to check quantities required and input orders delivered. Invoicing was handled automatically and routed through to a Sage Software system. Bakery invoices then rolled up to form one single invoice to the retailer and posted to Sage from the iport portal.

ROI : Completely new business model and business proposition which gave the client market domination with one major retail chain.



Industry Sector : Health Education Service

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client had an extensive business plan which had to be delivered and comprised of specific projects which were managed by Project Managers. These projects had specific deadlines for delivery and a tight timeline for budgetary spend. The issue was that the information relating to the projects existed in several different legacy systems and was therefore not readily available causing project over-runs and duplication of effort.

Solution: Implementation of a secure iport intranet which integrated the underlying UNIX based financial systems into a custom iport project control system allowing project managers to share information between each other, view project deadlines and tasks, examine orders against the project that were committed as well as purchased and review this against available to spend budget and milestones.

ROI : Overcoming huge cost of UNIX finance system user costs by deploying information through the portal and saving license costs; faster and better decision making leading to reduction in project over-spends as action can be taken more quickly.


Industry Sector : Health Service

Locations covered: UK

Problem : The client needed to share information on certification processes among a distributed membership. They were attempting to develop this in MS Access however were hitting problems with the system and also could not deploy it remotely successfully.

Solution: Migration of the Access based system into SQL Server and embedding it into the iport portal system. Member’s access controlled by iport security policies and system extended and developed using iport’s rapid application development systems.

ROI : Reduction in duplication of input; faster decision making at membership level; better information flows; massive cost savings over competitive bid from a custom application developer; reduction on in-house costs of maintaining and developing MS Access databases within the Health Authority IT Department



Industry Sector : Local Government

Locations covered: UK

Problem : The client already had a 100+ user finance system supplied by us (Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains) but also needed to cater for a further 200 remote users who only needed access to approve purchase orders and invoices.

Solution: An iport portal solution which extended the capability of the purchasing function so that remote users could view orders, deliveries and invoices and approve them electronically. Approved transactions were then updated into the MS Great Plains solution seamlessly

ROI : Massive savings in administration costs; faster cycle times for purchasing; maximization of Great Plains license use and extension of functionality.

Industry Sector : Local Authority Social Work Department

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Client was charged with looking after vulnerable minors without parents. Their social work systems catered for most of the data tracking required for these individuals but the authority also needed to make payments to these minors relating to their rent, house furnishings etc. They operated a MS Dynamics Great Plains system for payments but all requests had to be manually assessed and manually input to both the social work system and Great Plains.

Solution: Developing an interface using iport between both systems to capture information by the Case Worker  and updating both underlying systems. The iport portal can be accessed by both Case Worker and by the minor in care in controlled ways and the requests for payment follow an approval system against a budget before being automatically processed in MS Great Plains.

ROI : Elimination of duplication of input; extension of capability in both legacy systems; maximization of license agreements; better communications with the minors in care.


Industry Sector : Charity and voluntary sector

Locations covered: UK

Problem : The client was challenged by their executive funding body to deliver a content rich web site which needed regular update, combined with a highly engaging design and backed up by a secure members section

Solution: A completely integrated iport portal which drives content and images to the public web site but has a secure member’s area where information is shared between members and funders alike. Service requests can be logged and tracked as well as training materials and discussion forums.

ROI : Reduction in email traffic; centralization of policy and information; single source of supply and service for all online functions.


Industry Sector : Planning Regulations

Locations covered: Baltic States

Problem : Client had a unique business idea: deliver high value knowledge to developers in the Baltic States relating to European Union legislation on Environmental and planning regulations as these states became full EU members.

Solution: An iport portal solution that allowed subscribers to access information based on their preferred profiles and areas of interest. The subscribers could browse a summary of the information before deciding if it was what they needed, then they can download the full legislative text for a fee

ROI : Unique idea with a unique delivery mechanism which gave the client a new source of revenue.



Industry Sector : Plastics Manufacture

Locations covered: UK, Europe

Problem : The client had a very intricate MS Access based sales lead tracking and analysis system which was linked to an out of date Financial software system. The lead tracking solution was also at the limit of the capacity to deal with the company’s rapidly expanding business.

Solution: An integrated iport and MS Dynamics Great Plains solution where an iport CRM solution was extended to cater for the company’s specific sales tracking needs plus introduce a service element for their customers. In addition, the rapid application development functions of iport were harnessed to develop and deploy a process manufacturing solution for the production facility.

ROI : Completely integrated solution from production to sales to service to finance; removal of reliance on one freelance MS Access developer; removal of fragmentation (previous manufacturing, sales and service were separate systems); deployment of customer portal which reduced administration and improved service.



Industry Sector : Political Party

Locations covered: UK

Problem : Building a secure website that delivered public domain content plus allowed secure members area for policy discussions and information sharing.

Solution: Integrated iport portal solution allowing content publishing to both public and private areas of the portal. Creation of mini-portals for areas of specific interest or local issues.

ROI : Better communication; open dialogue; auditability and accountability on members site; focus on key issues of policy; collaboration.