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10 Steps to Boost Sales - Guaranteed!

Follow these ten steps for managing your sales with iportinstant SalesPipe and watch your sales SOAR!

If you're looking for ways to boost sales--and what smart sales rep/sales manager/entrepreneur isn't--one of the basic processes you need to review is your sales pipeline management process. New business can come from a variety of sources but the trouble is in many businesses, large and small, there is often only a very loose structure in place to manage the entire sales process. Your sales pipeline and your ability to hit targets depend on the processes in place to ensure success. In many cases of course it isn't the intent that is at fault -- it's the resources available. Here at iportinstant CRM we have been managing sales and sales processes for 18 years so we understand the value of sales pipeline management. That's why we have launched this new service -- iportinstant SalesPipe -- which will revolutionize how your pipeline management process works by delivering technology, expertise and resource exactly where you need it. Here's the full picture:


1. Develop an absolute definition of a sales lead and make sure EVERYONE understands it. The President of one of the biggest double glazing companies around once told me "A lead is a lead is a's not up to the salesperson to decide if it's good or bad, their job is to go after it relentlessly until it's closed." His guys had a close ratio of 11:1 -- for every 11 sales made only 1 was lost. That tells me that he knows a thing or two about selling and pipeline management! However, it's been estimated that 90 percent of the leads that are sent to sales staff are never acted upon and there are generally two main reasons for that. First, the lead is routed to the wrong person and never gets passed to the correct person or, at least, not in time for them to act; second, the lead isn't warm enough and so the prospect isn't ready to engage with a salesperson yet. So the sales person will try to make one, maybe two contacts with that prospect and then move on to what he or she thinks is an easier option. There has to be a better way: what if your sales leads arrived with your sales staff FULLY QUALIFIED i.e. defined in terms of budget, decision chain and timeline to buy? What impact would that have on your bottom line and conversion rate? That's how my friend does it and that's what iportinstant SalesPipe can do for you.




Why buy web based CRM?

2. Install an effective customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Well, we probably would say that wouldn't we! But there's no escaping the fact that effective CRM boosts sales performance...but only as part of the total package. We would also argue that web based CRM offers more flexibility and better value for money than traditional server based options because it allows you to partner with outside agencies and so extend your reach and resource. Outside partners such as iportinstant SalesPipe where we will actually make calls, qualify prospects and generate leads on your behalf and feed them through your iportinstant CRM system! No other hosted CRM vendor offers this unique service. In any event, for best results, you must to provide employees with a tool that captures information about each and every interaction with your prospects and customers. This includes sales, service and documentation and there simply is no better tool on the market in its price range than iportinstant CRM to do this.

3. Track everything. From cradle to grave, every interaction is important but it all starts with the source of the lead. People hear about your company, products and services through a variety of channels such as ads, referrals, pay-per-click ads or some other form of advertising. You need to keep track of what actually generated these leads in the first place so you can better determine what works and what doesn't. This is where the combination of iportinstant CRM and iportinstant SalesPipe wins: we take the strain out of tracking and categorizing the sources of leads and feed you reports showing what's working and what's not, where the leads go and what happens to them when they get there. In addition, it's important to capture the source of each stage of the sale so you can determine such things as how many times you need to contact a customer before they convert or what order of contact/process work best. If you don't capture that data, you have no way of figuring out what's working and what's not and, perhaps more importantly, who's working and who's not!.

4. Distribute leads quickly and get them to the right saleperson. Most authorities agree that if you respond within 48 hours of a prospect contacting you, your sales closing rate goes up dramatically. Think about your own experiences. How many times have you tried to contact a company to request information and they never get back to you? Or worse, being contacted by someone who had no idea what you were looking for or what you really needed despite the fact you completed all the online forms? By responding quickly and sensitively to the prospect's request, you set yourself apart from your competitors and by using iportinstant SalesPipe we guarantee that your your prospects will get a professional and near immediate response. Try us out -- sign up for a Free Trial or a Test Drive today and see how quickly we get back to you!

5. Follow up Follow up Follow up! Depending on the products and services you offer, most people are probably not ready to buy based on their first interaction with you. Best practices call for consistent, professional follow-up over (sometimes a long) time. It is essential to develop campaigns that allow you to contact your prospects multiple times in a variety of ways so you can move them through your sales cycle until they're ready to actually purchase from you. Our mission with iportinstant SalesPipe is to manage that workflow so that when the prospect is ready to buy, we are ready to set up that final sales call or appointment. It's all in the process -- let us manage that for you end to end.


6. Spread the knowledge! The more information you have about a prospect, the more excited your salespeople will be about the lead and that is why iportinstant SalesPipe is so important: by steadily collecting information and recording it against each and every sales lead on iportinstant CRM, our team are able to build a detailed progression of the lead from its source to the point where it is handed over to the designated salesperson to close. This additional information from every prospect, such as "what interested you about our products" and "why is that feature important to you" can make all the difference in the final stages.


7. Target the right prospects. Your existing customers are the first step in prospecting for leads. Most people think they already know who their customers are, but many companies tell us they find a few surprises when they analyze their customer base. So confirm you already know what you know about your customers! Then define the key attributes about them. This could be external attributes such as geography, SIC code, company size (employee count and revenue), or internal attributes such as products, territory, credit type and contract type. Now you can use the profile of your best customers to better define and acquire new prospects.How do you save those interesting bits of information about customers and prospects? Simple: in iportinstant CRM you can create your own profiles for customers and prospects alike and so look for patterns and correlations. To collect that information systematically, our iportinstant SalesPipe team are pre-prepared with standard questions that seek to flush out the exact information needed to pre-qualify and target your most valuable and most growable prospects. This allows you to leverage what you learn every day as a by-product of doing the job in order to be more successful.

8. Treat your prospects like valued customers at all times. Because our iportinstant SalesPipe team capture the source of each lead as well as every interaction with that prospect, anyone at your company can answer a call from that prospect and more effectively answer their questions at any time simply by logging on to your iportinstant CRM system. This will have a significant positive impact on your prospect's perception of your organization and will cause them to want to engage with your team further.

9. Measure everything -- always. Of course in order to measure your results, you need to decide what you want to measure and why. Then the iportinstant SalesPipe team can capture the correct information as part of the process. And once the right information is in there, you can use iportinstant CRM's reporting to cut and dice it to whatever way you need it so that you can determine the return on investment of your campaigns and focus on the ones that will further increase your sales pipeline.

10. Hold regular meetings with your sales staff and your iportinstant SalesPipe team. We will meet with appropriate staff members on a regular basis to review lead quality, win/loss records, and tracking through your iportinstant CRM systems so you can continue to improve your sales effectiveness.

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