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web based CRM for sales

Instant Sales Lead Management

Boost your sales and save money with web CRM - no hardware and no software to buy! Boost your sales and make your team more effective with this hosted CRM application.

iportinstant web based Sales Opportunity Management is aimed at:

Sales professionals

Sales managers

Owner managers of small businesses

Sales professionals – manage all points of contact with your customers and track sales leads throughout their lifecycles. iportinstant CRM is simple to set up, simple to use and simple to keep up to date. Forget complex sales process management software and time-consuming reporting developed by the Sales Prevention Department! iportinstant CRM is a web based sales tool developed by salespeople for salespeople. Keeping notes and comments on each stage of the relationship is a snap. Upload and store quotations, proposals, letters etc so you always have them available when you need them. Manage your day with the event calendar and task tracking system. More >>

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Key benefits for Sales Professionals:

Function rich contact management software
with multiple addresses, multiple contacts and
powerful sales logic inbuilt.

Track and monitor every sales lead from
cradle to grave

Extensive worknotes that let you record in
as much detail as you need every contact point.

Powerful reporting and inquiry functions

Forecasting and pipeline management
Sales managers – get control over your team’s activity by helping them work the way they work best. Improve productivity by managing sales pipelines more effectively and proactively so that you catch problems well ahead of the tipping point. Build in your own sales processes that reflect the way you and your team actually do business; not the way someone else thinks you should do business. You can even build in logic to calculate the % confidence on any given deal. Get more accurate, timely sales forecasts from all of your team or from select members at all stages through the sales funnel.  More >>

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Key benefits for Sales Managers:

Lead tracking across all stages of development
and visibility of every contact point

Powerful yet simple set of key reports lets you
work with your team to spot more opportunities
or head off issues.

Remove the guesswork on forecasting with our
weighted % confidence tool

Customizable so you can build in your own
sales process

Owner/ managers – keep track of Key Performance Indicators. View sales activity in line with service delivery and project milestones for a 360 degree view of your business – don’t forget, for the customer the sale starts when they sign the order! More >>

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Key benefits for Owner/managers:

KPIs visible onscreen always
See the whole picture - not just a snapshot - and see it from your customer's point of view
Link sales to other internal functions such as service and project management
Powerful reporting and inquiry functions
Forecasting and pipeline management so you always know where the sales are coming from

If you're looking for ways to boost sales -- and what smart sales rep/sales manager/entrepreneur isn't -- one of the basic processes you need to review is your sales pipeline management systems. We have launched a revolutionary new service -- iportinstant SalesPipe -- which will transform how your pipeline management process works by delivering technology, expertise and resource exactly where you need it. Click here for more details.

iportinstant Sales Opportunity Management is part of iportinstant CRM - software developed to run within the iport business portal environment. It can be used as a completely web based CRM application offering a feature and function-rich package aimed at helping you build relationships, manage workflow, satisfy customers and get results.

For even more control of your business, each iportinstant CRM application links to our other web CRM application software solutions:

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Project Management
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Six fully functioning CRM applications for as little as $10 per user per month all delivered in one great Hosted CRM solution.