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Is web based CRM right for you?

And if it is right, is iportinstant Hosted CRM right for you?

Here's a simple checklist to see if iportinstant CRM the right solution for you:


1. Do you want to deploy a solution quickly without having to buy hardware and software?
Web based, hosted or on-demand CRM solutions do not require you to buy anything (provided of course you can get on the web already!). You just sign up and start using them.

2. Do you want to be certain of the cost every month with no hidden extras?
iportinstant CRM has a fixed cost per user per month of only $10. That only changes if you increase (or decrease) your user numbers.

3. Do you always deal with other organizations and have multiple contacts to track?
iportinstant CRM is designed for business to business CRM. It tracks multiple contact points between your organization and your customer organizations. It is not aimed at tracking individual contacts i.e. any that don't belong to an organization (However a version does exist that permits this so please contact us for more details).

4. Do you want to track and monitor sales inquiries?
iportinstant CRM has a simple but powerful sales lead tracking system built into it so that you can see every stage of the sales transaction.

5. Do you have a customer service function?
iportinstant CRM is geared up to track customer service calls or track outbound service calls to customers.

6. Do you want to share documentation and project information within your organization?

You can upload any kind of file to iportinstant CRM and attach these to organizations, individual contacts or any kind of transaction.

7. Do you have remote or widely dispersed workers who need access to information?
Because it is web based, iportinstant CRM can be accessed from anywhere you can get online: hotel rooms; home; client offices; laptop/wi-fi...anywhere.

8. Do you want to let your customers access your service and project systems in a controlled way to aid collaboration?
iportinstant CRM, uniquely in its class, allows you to set up controlled access for customers and partners to view selected data and even update it. For example, you could allow your customers to log service calls or sales requests online. How much time would that save you?

9. Do you want to boost sales and revenues?
Well don't we all? Study after study has shown that CRM systems boost sales productivity. Not only that, with iportinstant you have the opportunity of letting us mange your sales pipeline. Click here for more.

10. Can you afford $10 per month for everyone who would access the system?
Ok so the minimum entry level is for 5 users or $50 but all relevant studies show that the average number of users on a hosted CRM solution is seven so we're still in the frame. Contrast us with or SageCRM or any of the others - iportinstant CRM works harder for your dollars than any other hosted CRM solution on the market today. Fact.