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Hosted CRM: what our client's think of it...and what they think of us!


Like all Hosted CRM providers we strive to give you a real insight into what we do for our customers on our website...but there is no substitute for hearing it in their own words.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential strategy for these businesses and all of them have chosen iportinstant over other competing solutions.

Pisces Real Estate, is a family owned business, serving the needs of the Real Estate Community for over 20 years in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo,  Mexico.  We take pride in our friendly, professional and genuine service that we offer to all that have walked through our doors.  Pisces Real Estate will “ Let your dreams begin here!”

"We, at Pisces Real Estate, have been totally satisfied with the new program and customer support provided by iport staff.  They have exceeded our expectations with this new system that we are now using on a daily basis to manage all of our sales opportunities and client contacts.  Being new to CRM software we have bombarded iport staff with many questions and they have been there to help us at any hour.  iportinstant has proven to be the best choice for our needs.  THANK YOU!!!" Pat Volpe, Sales Director, Pisces Real Estate


VeBridge is a document management, imaging and litigation support firm offering comprehensive solutions to business, legal and government operations. Led by a focused, technology-based mission, the company provides regional imaging services, national litigation support services and international litigation programming services.

"iportinstant assists our procurement consultants in defining, securing and maintaining customer contacts as well as opportunity information. Additionally, the application provides a forum for collection of service incident details enabling record persistence across and through our organization. Our iportinstant hosted CRM helps VeBridge staff focus on quality service from sales through project implementation and beyond.” Paul Engel, VeBridge President and CTO


EBC Corporation of Houston, Texas is different from the normal telesales business: they not only generate appointments for their clients but they also offer a full Sales Opportunity Management service end to end. They generate the appointment, route the lead to the appropriate sales person in the client company, track their responses and provide high-level sales feedback to management. They can also track and monitor customer service calls. And they do all of this using iportinstant Hosted CRM – each site customized for each of their clients even using their color schemes and logos and each site delivered online with no IT impact to the client.

“iportinstant is simple and effective and means that we can switch the CRM systems on and off for each client as we need them. The fact that it is a Hosted CRM solution means that we don't need to buy any hardware or software and the support we get from the iport staff is simply fantastic. None of our competition has such a flexible option and this definitely helps us win and retain business in our sector.” Patty Schulze, CEO of EBC

GO@L is an innovative and vibrant young organisation who provide employers with training, development and business services that help them become more efficient, more profitable and more successful. We specialize in Hospitality and Tourism training and work with all the mainland enterprise companies. This means that where ever you are we can provide a seamless and consistent service.

"iportinstant is proving to be invaluable in controlling and enhancing our sales function and procedures. It has allowed us to record, measure and organise our sales procedure in ways that were impossible before. All in all we believe that iportinstant will allow us to get better results from our sales team wherever they are!" Andrew Douglas, Managing Director, G0@L Training


Other client quotes and comments:

"I think the combination of a CRM and business portal is inspired" Trudy Barnett, CEO, XChange, Aukland, New Zealand.

"Really, really easy to use!" David Fyffe, Sales Manager, Munro Wholesale Pharmaceuticals, UK

"Thank you very much. Your assistance was very prompt. That is a refreshing change from most other service providers." David Johnstone, Chief Consulting Officer, Expert Resource, California, USA

"I have worked with many CRM programs in the past and this one appears, by far, to be the best one I've encountered." Nancy Couto, Emerson Summers, Ontario, Canada

"Amazed at the speed my CRM was customized." Henry Evans, AlphaB2Bservices Ltd, England, UK

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CRM? Try Beating iport4business for Customer Service!

February 17, 2009 in Bouquets | Tags: , , | by Joy McCarthy

Finding the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system isn’t easy.  Like many small businesses, we recognised the need for a system which would meet our individual requirements, not just here and now, but for the future. 

I cut my teeth on ACT in the days of DOS systems.  But as some of the WORD-right team works remotely, having a PC-based CRM wasn’t going to be easy to use or manage.  So after much deliberation, we decided to investigate online CRM packages. 

The word ‘minefield’ springs to mind!  There is a vast array of packages out there, with set-up fees ranging from a few pounds or dollars to several hundred.  I was dazzled by all the available bells and whistles, and in some cases, by the dazzling prices too! 

When I arrived at iport4business, I had worked out what bells and whistles I wanted from my CRM system, and which ones were just going to be an unnecessary added cost.  iport4business met all my needs, was easy and intuitive to use (even for little old me!), and … very important in these credit crunch times … had no set-up fee. 

But our decision to invest in the iport4business system wasn’t based on the cost or even on its range of bells and whistles.  So if we weren’t swayed by prices or ingenious features, what did prompt this buying decision?  That’s easy … good old-fashioned customer service … that’s what! 

After we’d set up our free 14 day trial to get familiar with the software, I had a few queries.  After all, this was a big decision for a small business, and I wanted to be sure the system worked for us.  Not only did I get an  impressively fast response from the company’s Airdrie office, I also received the first of several emails from the iport4business CEO, Chic McSherry! 

Iport4business counts many huge organisation as clients, both in the UK and ‘over the pond’.  Names such as Spar and Virgin Trains clearly demonstrate the stature of this international company.  Needless to say, I was very, very impressed at getting fast, chatty, and really helpful replies from the CEO himself.  

There is no doubt in my mind the world would be a better place to live and work if more companies took this attitude.  We’re probably one of the smallest tiddlers in the iport4business pond, but we feel welcomed, cared for, and valued.  That, for me, is what customer service is all about. 

So sorry Chic … if you find yourself knee deep in emails after this post, you’ll know who to blame!



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Chic McSherry