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Compare iportinstant with other hosted CRM Solutions

Function iportinstant Sharepoint SageCRM
Allow client access
Yes extra Custom limited no
Contact Management
Yes Yes Yes no Yes
Document Mngt
Yes,Yes,Yes limited Yes Yes limited
Sales Opportunity Management
Yes Yes Yes no Yes
Project Management
Yes no Yes extra no
Customer Service Management
Yes extra Yes no Yes
News and Discussions 
Yes limited Yes limited no
Min. Entry price
$10.00 $16.58 $11.99 $183 $50
(per user/month)

These figures were compiled in 2005 and based on available data at that time. Functionality and pricing models can and do change of course, but we can assure you that iportinstant CRM remains the lowest cost option available whilst still retaining some of the highest functionality scores. The corporate landscape changes too: are no more having been swallowed up by another company and are setting their sights on the top-end of the market these days.

Arguably we should all credit with the opening up of the hosted CRM marketplace as a mass-market option and no-one who is looking to buy a sales oriented CRM solution would ignore them. However their drive for the corporate $ does come at a price and the smaller business who wants a simpler sales tool that can be customized to suit their business finds that they are paying Cadillac prices when they may only need a pick-up truck. We did some more in-depth functionality comparisons between iportinstant CRM and and you can download it here.

All of this aside - we want to stress that iportinstant CRM is different from other hosted CRM solutions. We are offering a CRM Portal Solution, not just CRM: a CRM solution that can be customized to suit your needs (mostly by yourself) and one that allows you to engage with your customers directly by building your very own Customer Portal for sales, service and project management. Use your hard-earned $$s to better effect: instead of paying high monthly rental fees for functionality you don't want or need, pay a low monthly cost for iportinstant CRM and use your budget to customize the portal to suit your needs exactly.

No hardware to buy
No software to buy
No minimum contract
No hidden extras
Pay only for what you need