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online solutions from iportinstant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software delivered as a hosted solution. Sign up and get Instant Contact Management plus Sales Lead Tracking linked to Customer Service Management and Project Management as well as a Document Management solution all in one easy to use Hosted CRM package.

And all for only $10 per user per month!. Managing direct sales opportunities, ongoing projects and customer service is simple and you can try it free for 14 days. Or take a TEST DRIVE and start getting the benefits of world-class hosted CRM software instantly!

Why pay up to $60 per user per month from other providers?

With iportinstant CRM you can have a feature and function-rich web based CRM system tailored completely to your requirements at a fraction of the cost. Don't take our word for it - ask our clients! Look at this reference for hosted CRM.

iportinstant is based on industry standard technology keeping you in control of your budget and your system. There is no minimum contract, no hardware to buy and no software to install.
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hosted CRM software
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Sales Opportunity Management
hosted solutions Boost your sales and make your team more effective with this online CRM software. Track sales leads, build forecasts, set tasks, attach proposals; all within this simple, easy to use portal.
CRM Software solutions from iportinstant

Customer Service Management
Hosted software solutions Increase customer service and build customer loyalty with this powerful customer service portal. Controlled customer access comes as standard so that you can drive down administration costs whilst tracking performance
Customer Relationship management Software

Project Management
Sales lead tracking Software Gain control of complex projects and maximize profitability with effective project collaboration. Track project tasks and costs and grant secure partner access.
customer service software

Contact Management
project management software A powerful and flexible contact management solution which is fully customizable to your needs lets you track all customer interactions.

Sales Force Automation software
Customer service online

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hosted software solutions

Detailed notes on every step of the sales process
Boost your sales and make your team more effective with this hosted CRM application!

Manage all points of contact with your customers and track sales throughout their lifecycles. Keep notes and comments on each stage of the relationship. Most of all - keep it simple and easy to use!

Get control over your team's activity. Improve productivity by managing sales pipelines more effectively and proactively. Get more accurate, timely sales forecasts.

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Track all service contact points with your customers

Increase customer service and build customer loyalty!

Web CRM solutions are perfect to manage service contacts with your customers and track incidents through to resolution. Keep notes and comments on each stage of the process to give a "cradle to grave" view of the incident. iportinstant CRM is simple and easy to use and you can even let your customers log calls online!

Improve productivity by tracking patterns of service activity and directing training effort more effectively. Get more accurate information on which customers use which services.

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Collaborate on projects and track tasks at all stages of the project lifecycle

Gain control of complex projects and maximize profitability!

Manage your projects, collaborate with teams and clients and track tasks and activity at all stages. Upload and store attachments and correspondence to allow collaboration between team members.

Improve productivity by tracking tasks through to completion and scheduling key tasks effectively. Involve the client in the collaboration for even more effective use of the hosted project management systems.

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Powerful document management with check-in/check-out features

Share knowledge and maximize communications online!

Publish marketing materials and product information in document libraries.

Publish procedures and policies as well as information and online tutorials for customers.

Publish technical information and set up collaboration projects using the document check-in/check-out features.

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Collaboration on projects is greatly improved with an effective discussion forum

Share knowledge and maximize communications!

Use the News feed to alert staff to new products and services being launched. Involve them in the process by building online discussions.

Tell your customers what you are doing and how they can benefit. Encourage community and collaboration using the discussion threads. Post technical information and share knowledge within your organization.

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Sales applications developed and delivered through your portal On Demand CRM is right for your organization!

When it comes to web or hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it’s important to understand all the benefits of the solution before beginning your selection process. This web site is designed to help you build a business case for a hosted CRM service in your organization, develop an effective project, ask the right questions of your vendor, identify the challenges involved and implement a successful solution.

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